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Zilker Park – The Crown Jewel Of Austin


Zilker Park – The Crown Jewel Of Austin

Quite possibly the number one must see location when visiting  Austin, TX is Zilker Park. Like is Central Park to New York, or Audobon Park is to New Olreans, so is Zilker Park to Austin. Named after Andrew Zilker who owned the 350 acres inlcuding Barton Springs which he used for his ice making business, he sold the land to the city of Austin in 1917. The city then developed the land into a park in the 1930s with a pool. 

The area of the park is so large that it is capable of hosting huge events like Austin City Limits. Zilker park’s sports fields, historical markers, concession stands and picnic areas are just one element of the parks great features. The park also includes numerous attractions open to the public that include the Zilker Botanical Garden which feature several gardens and hosts the Zilker Gardens Festival. The Austin Nature & Science Center also is a huge attraction in the park that offers ecological exhibits and nature hike trails. And if that sort of thing isn’t your bag, try out the Umlauf Sculpture Garden where you will find many works of sculpture by the artist Charles Umlauf as well as others. 
Keeping cool is the number one priority for many Austinians and a local favorite for doing just that is Barton Springs Pool which offers public swimming. Water activities like kayaking and paddleboarding are also available in Barton Creek. So whether you’re visinting Austin for work, music, or play, make sure you check out Zilker Park, the crown jewel of Austin. 

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