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austin texas

Down town fun!

6th street fun! Enjoying downtown can be a great time. The street get closed down on Saturdays and has a very community feel to walk around. Make sure you Grab a Slice of Pizza at Roppolo’s. I am also a fan of the great little Gyro stand that is there from time to time. It doesn’t always have to be weekend fun either. On Wednesday nights the Flamingo Cantina is a Great place to enjoy Reggae Vibes and an open patio with friends!

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February 4, 2019

Stunning Night Kayaking: Congress Bridge Bat Colony

Congress Bridge Bat Colony Imagine you are kayaking along the dusky San Marcos River in Austin, Texas as the sun begins to set. You can hear the water gently lapping at the sides of your kayak and you can see stars slowly beginning to dot the horizon. When you begin to pass under the Congress…

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January 15, 2017

Zilker Park – The Crown Jewel Of Austin

Zilker Park – The Crown Jewel Of Austin Quite possibly the number one must see location when visiting  Austin, TX is Zilker Park. Like is Central Park to New York, or Audobon Park is to New Olreans, so is Zilker Park to Austin. Named after Andrew Zilker who owned the 350 acres inlcuding Barton Springs…

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January 6, 2017