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Post Covid-19 Changes

We are going to go overboard on our sanitization standards and practices. In response to Covid-19 we added a life jacket wash station on top of our previous sanitizing method and intend to maintain it after the crisis is over. Additionally, we are committed to a more thorough scrub down of both the boats and the paddles in between each guest.

As a company we are going to try and promote cashless tipping. One thing Covid-19 has made us aware of is the transfer of illness through materials such as cloth, paper, metal etc. Therefore, we are going to try and promote the tipping of guides and rental crew through our online portals to minimize risk to both our staff and our guests.

Lastly, we are going to provide an improved experience for our guests at our location. Not only through the changes we are going to maintain post Covid-19, but also with our new neighbor opening. Most likely by the time that the pandemic subsides, and we can reopen for business our new neighbor will be open as well. Their name is Cidercade and they will provide a unique lake side experience filled with arcade games, pinball machines, cider, and wine.

We are so grateful and excited to see you once we reopen out on the water!