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Mass Migration Underway in Austin, Texas

Just How Many People are Moving to Austin, Texas?

Austin, Texas is becoming more and more of a popular place to live. There is currently a mass

migration taking place there right now. There are over 150 people moving to Austin every day!

Austin has experience 9.2% population growth from 2010 to 2013 alone. This city is becoming

one of the most popular places to live, and with good reason.

Austin is located in the middle of Texas and the city is considered by many to be a college town.

It is home to the University of Texas Austin but has quickly grown in the past several years.

Now, Austin is thought to be one of the largest cities in the country.

One of the main driving forces behind the growth of Austin is its thriving economy. There are

plenty of job opportunities in Austin to go around and experts predict that there will be for quite

some time to come. In fact, unemployment rates have been dropping in Austin ever since the

recession. That’s why Austin was named the #1 American Boomtown Bloomberg in 2013.

Austin is currently home to name brands such as Dell, Yeti, and Whole Food Markets. But, the

city also serves as a great city for startups. Some big names that were startups in Austin are

Retail Me Not and Indeed job search engine. People are flocking to Austin in droves to take

advantage of all the resources and create their own startups. Austin has been ranked as the top

startup city, the top city for young entrepreneurs, and the top city for women entrepreneurs by

several different outlets.

Young people love living in Austin thanks to the high quality of life in the city. Austin is a green

city. It has been ranked at the #1 green city in Texas by and has

numerous parks and outdoor activities available. Not to mention, Austin is a hub for nightlife

activity. According to US News, Austin is the #6 nightlife city in the country. There are always

festivals and food trucks everywhere in the city. There is always something to do in Austin.

But, Austin is still a great place for people of all ages. Austin is a wonderful place for growing

families because of all of the top-ranked schools, a low crime rate, and rising real estate values.

The average cost of a house is lower than the national average and the average annual income in

Austin $74,860. Families can grow and thrive in Austin and those who are aging are well taken

care of as well. Forbes ranks Austin as one of the top retirement cities in the country.

Austin, Texas is a growing city attracting more and more people every day. There are dozens of

good reason to movie to Austin including the thriving economy, low cost of living, and variety of

activities available at a moment’s notice. People of all ages love living in Austin and feel

passionately about their city. Even if you are not interested in moving, you should certainly consider visiting.