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What to Do in Austin on Valentine’s Day

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 A Romantic Kayak Ride on Valentine’s Day in Austin

Trying to think of what to Do in Austin on Valentine’s Day?  Trying to find some space in one of the hottest cities to move to.  When romance in the air for you, chances are, you are looking for what to do in Austin on Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day is the day for romantics and with it being less than three weeks away, it’s time to start planning on a surprise for your loved one. There are dozens of things you could do on the lovers’ holiday, from candlelit dinners and a night out on the town. But if you really want to sweep your sweetheart off their feet with an unexpected and romantic adventure, take them on a kayak ride.
Kayaking is a surprisingly relaxing time. Peacefully drifting down calm waters with the person you love can easily turn into a romantic nature. Just you, them, and the sounds of nature. It provides an excellent opportunity for intimate conversations and lingering gazes. It would be like you two are the only people left on Earth. What more could you want out of a Valentine’s Day Austin activity?

What to Do in Austin on Valentine’s Day?

Taking your loved one on a Valentine’s Day kayak tour in Austin could take them by surprise. Unless your sweetheart is adventurous and athletic by nature, they may not be inclined to get in a kayak under normal circumstances. To step up your game, coaxing them by having a Romanic picnic in the park waiting when your ride is over. The thought put into an afternoon on the river is worth a thousand bouquets of roses.
If you or your friends are asking yourself, what to do in Austin on Valentine’s Day you know have a good option. Whether you choose to go above and beyond for your Valentine’s Day kayak ride is up to you. The only part of the trip that matters is being together. Don’t forget that.  This holiday is about celebrating love and togetherness.  Celebrate Valentine’s Day together with a romantic kayak ride on a peaceful, empty river and let the fun begin.