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Keeping Fit in 2021 Through Kayaking!

There are a great many people who are trying to keep their New Year’s Resolution of keeping fit. I am personally going out on the water more and I thought why not share what makes kayaking the perfect activity to help keep you healthy.

1. Great for your cardiovascular health!

If you enjoy running, or cycling then kayaking is the exercise for you. The exercise is repetitive and keeps your blood pumping.Which is not only great for your heart, but also helps build up your stamina.

2. Low Impact Activity

As previously mentioned kayaking is similar to running in that it is great for your heart health. However, unlike running, kayaking is a low impact sport and doesn’t leave a lasting impact on your joints. It instead builds up your back and core strength as you paddle along.

3. It’s a meditative exercise

When you paddle the repetition can be extremely relaxing. I often find myself wandering through my thoughts as I paddle along nature. Not to mention being surrounded by nature can put you in a more relaxed state where you may not even realize you’re exercising.

There are a lot more benefits to exercising through kayaking but I wanted to leave you with a little tease so that you can discover it for yourself through trial and error! I personally hope to see you out on the water soon enjoying a brand new form of exercise.

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