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Breakfast Ideas in Austin

They say Austin is the city of the breakfast taco, but honestly I don’t think that’s the case. If I was to think of all my favorite local breakfast spots in the city most of them don’t specialize in breakfast tacos. While on this train of thought I decided to make a list of my favorite local breakfast spots:

1. Kerbey Lane

This restaurant is the Austin equivalent to IHOP, but I think they use better quality ingredients and have a more unique staff. For example, my favorite waiter at my location of choice always wears a rainbow unitard with a top hat. On top of the unique wait staff the restaurants are all dog friendly and before the pandemic they would even give your pets treats. All of this is just part of the charm that makes Kerbey Lane an Austin staple and a personal favorite of mine.

2. Gordough’s Big. Fat. Donuts.

Now this option is for those with an extreme desire for sweet foods. These donuts could be considered a dessert honestly after a dinner. The restaurant is a cute little food truck with a lovely outdoor sitting area. It’s also open super late and can serve you all sorts of delicious goodies if you get a midnight donut craving.

3. Master Donuts

This is a local donut chain that serves some more unique options like cereal or cookie and cream donuts. The reason I like them more than other donut places is because they serve additional options like croissant sandwiches and their kolaches are fantastic! I’m a sucker for a good kolache and if you are too I definitely recommend checking out this chain.

4. Magnolia Cafe

This is another Austin Chain that serves American comfort food including delicious breakfast options. I am personally a huge fan of their pancakes. It’s the right combination of fluffy and cooked that I crave in my pancakes. They have locations all across the city so it’s super convenient! Sadly though due to the loss of business during the pandemic they had to close their main location.

5. Granny’s Tacos

This place has a unique menu for a taco truck because it offers vegetarian breakfast tacos. It’s a cute food truck located in the northern part of downtown. It’s relatively inexpensive and absolutely delicious. As I’m writing this I think I’m actually going to head there now.

This has been my list of favorite breakfast places in Austin. As I’ve been writing this list I think I’m going to have breakfast from one of these places. Lastly, as an editor’s note never write about food if you’re hungry.

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