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Rainy Days Outdoor Eating in Austin

Well the rain is still coming down pretty hard!. There is nothing I remember more foundly as I grew up than hanging out in my family’s garage and eating lunch as the rain came down. So we figured why not make some restaurant recommendations that have great covered outdoor dining:

1. Guero’s Tacos

There is an amazing restaurant with great outdoors sitting right on the South Congress strip. The food is fairly decent, but the drinks are even better. Another bonus to the outdoor seating is that it’s first come first served! Meaning the ability to skip long waits is available as long as you are quick to the table.

2. Hold Out Brewery

You might be thinking, “Brewery, don’t they just serve drinks?” Well that’s not the case for most places in Austin. They usually actually have fantastic food options on top of inventive beverages. Hold Out has great American food located right along awesome train track viewings. If you end up going I highly recommend the half and half burger. It’s essentially a pork and beef burger with a lot of cheese and cucumbers (I personally go without the cucumbers). 

3. Kerbey Lane

A super common staple of Austin they serve everything from Tex-Mex, American, and breakfast foods. All their restaurants across the city have nice outdoor seating areas. The staff is always super colorful and friendly. Not to mention they are super famous for having delicious queso.

The list is short this time unfortunately, but I’m hoping the weather improves so that we can do more fun and creative lists. The need for rain free weather is growing for me and I cannot wait to see you out in the sun and on the water.

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