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Dog Friendly Austin Businesses

     We all love many things about coming to and living in Austin. To me though possibly the biggest thing that I enjoy about Austin is the positive attitude towards pets, especially dogs. Most people don’t know this when they get here, but Austin is the number one dog friendly city in America. As a dog owner I am always on the lookout for restaurants and businesses that will allow my pets to join me. For reference my dog is around a year old and is about 70 pounds. In this posting I am going to disclose some of the places I enjoy bringing my dog:a bridge over a body of water with a city in the background

1) Kerbey Lane

First up we have a local chain around Austin that is super dog friendly. Their menu consists of mostly breakfast food so do keep that in mind if you decide to head over there. I am personally a fan of their pancakes and french toast for both their affordability and how delicious they are. For your dog expect the wait staff to give them a bowl of water, treats, and plenty of pets. I wouldn’t recommend this as an option to any dogs that don’t enjoy other dogs or people.

2) Cosmic Coffee and Beer Garden

This is a more open venue so it’s a little easier to get more grumpy pups in isolated areas. However, do be aware that it isn’t so open that you can completely avoid sitting or walking by people. Other things to be mindful of as a dog owner are they do have water in the bar for free, but they don’t provide dog bowls. They also don’t have doggie bags available, so please pack accordingly.

This location has a fully stocked bar with a rotating menu of cocktails, beer, coffee, and a variety of other non-alcoholic beverages. My personal favorite is their freshly squeezed lemonade. They also have 3 on-site food trucks that serve a variety of foods ranging from Greek, American, and Tex-Mex. .

The river flowing toward the Austin Skyline

3) Hold-Out Brewing

This is one of the newest breweries in Austin and is located right off of 5th street next to the train tracks. They have a full menu with a variety of beers and delicious unique takes on American classics. I personally recommend their 50/50 Burger or their Mexican Hot Dog.

As for your dog they will provide them with a water bowl and with covid going on there is extra space between you and other guests for the more grumpy pups. I also found out recently they will provide your fluffer with a water bowl, but you are responsible for asking for refills. Additionally, I have found it’s hit or miss on whether the staff enjoys dogs enough to say hi.

4) The Original Chuy’s

Believe it or not the original Chuy’s is dog friendly. While this chain may be located around the country it’s worth noting especially for tourists traveling with their dogs. Every single family member that has visited me from out of town so far has asked to visit Chuy’s. 

As for dogs I wouldn’t recommend the grumpier pups coming because it is a little more packed and there are often children around. I also usually bring a puzzle toy for my dog to work on because unlike previous locations there isn’t as much for him to explore and I don’t want him to be bored. Lastly, I usually bring water with me

because I have found Chuy’s locations to be hit or miss on whether they provide water bowls for my dog.

5) Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company

Located in South Austin this company has a beautiful outdoor area that is super dog friendly. They also have an indoor spot, but unfortunately to my knowledge there are no dogs allowed inside. Additionally, this is another spot where I would avoid bringing grumpy dogs and I would recommend bringing your own bowl and water for your dog. Finally, as for what I would recommend trying is something from their thin crust pizza selection.

     Everything I do in Austin I always look to bring my dog with me. I hope by sharing these ideas that you and your pet will be able to share some great Austin adventures together!

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