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Awesome Austin Burgers

There are many burgers in Austin to try and despite the city being a “taco” city I would disagree and say there is a much stronger presence of American food, specifically burgers. In my time in Austin I have found several great hamburger spots that I want to share with you in no specific order:

1. Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Located all around the Austin area including a convenient location on South Congress this company has amazing burgers! Although be mindful of their fries because several people could easily share an order and still not finish them. An additional criticism is their burgers offer a lot of bun and breadiness which is not to everyone’s enjoyment. However their burgers are satisfying and offer a variety of different options including my personal favorite the Llano Poblano. They also offer a spicy burger, El Diablo, that packs a wallop to anyone who is not a fan of spice.

2. Casino El Camino

Definitely the most meaty out of the options this restaurant is actually a bar on sixth street. Recently reopened since the pandemic this bar offers a cheesy horror movie atmosphere and has a juke box filled with all sorts of metal and hard rock. Don’t let the massive burgers be the only thing you try while there they have wings that are almost as equally delicious. This is a Austin local secret and is frequented by many regulars.

3. Mighty Fine Burger

Another Austin chain they offer a streamlined experience similar to Five Guys Burgers and Fries. What sets them apart though is they have a uniquely Texas feel and they are actually quite affordable. I personally get all sorts of addons and a Blue Bell Chocolate shake with the meal and it still comes out around twelve dollars for the entire meal. They also have a little secret right now during the pandemic. Usually they have a special seasoning out on the table or readily available in the restaurant but at the moment you have to request it. Simply say can I have some of the “special” seasoning and go ahead and try it on your fries I promise you’ll enjoy it.

4. P. Terry’s

The most fast food like out of the options this restaurant offers a very basic menu like in and out with secret menu items. Some criticism of the restaurant is that it doesn’t have the best cookies if you aren’t a fan of oatmeal and they don’t offer sweet tea despite being founded in the Austin, Texas area. However, if I don’t go to Whataburger this is always my choice for a fast food burger. I recommend getting a shake instead of a drink for your meal and try the burger in a lettuce wrap if you feel adventurous.

All in all Austin is a great food city filled with all sorts of options. I just figured I could help make part of the decision process easier. There are plenty of other options not listed above, but I just wanted to give a broad listing of restaurants.

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