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Amazing Austin Museums

Have you ever wanted to see a side of Austin you’ve never experienced? Maybe learn a bit about Austin that you didn’t know existed? Well I’ve got the perfect list for you! I think checking out the Austin museum scene is the way to both of these things.

1.Bob Bullock Museum

If you’re coming from out of state or didn’t go through the Texas’ school system this is my top museum. Texas has a long, complicated history behind it from the settlement by Spanish Conquistadors to the election of LBJ as president. This museum has all the details about Texas history and can really help fill in any blanks you might have.

2.Umlauf Sculpture Garden

This museum was donated in 1985 and has stood as an Austin staple ever since. It has literally hundreds of sculptures mostly by one artist and is in an all natural Texas wildlife garden. If you have some spare time go check out the beautiful eight acres they have available.

3. The Blanton Museum of Art

There are so many rotations to their exhibits and upcoming they have some really cool photography upcoming. The museum is affordable and linked to the University of Texas so if you were looking for an excuse to see campus you can accomplish it in a one two punch. If you have time go check out Leo Steinberg’s collection for me!

There are honestly dozens of museums you should check out in Austin and I know that with Covid it’s a little tough to go out into the crowds. If you have the time and the ability please go check out these local museums and donate if you can!

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