San Marcos River Kayak Tour

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The San Marcos River Kayak Tour is perfect for first-time paddlers, and anyone looking to get out of the city for a relaxing paddle on a beautiful crystal clear river. Explore the San Marcos river by paddling down a gorgeous stretch of river. Along the way you’ll learn basic and intermediate paddling skills and learn how to effectively maneuver a kayak on the water. Your guide will customize this experience based on the interest of the participants, and may include kayak games and races for those who want to focus on skills, or more exploration and information about the San Marcos River for those who want a relaxing and educational tour.

Time Required:

  • 3 hours(meeting there)
  • 4.5 hours (drive with us)

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Ages: 8-80

Conditions: Slow moving river with a few mini rapids to get you smiling

Description:  Begin your experience with gear outfitting and a paddle lesson.  Launch into a calm stretch of water to get your bearings and then venture down the river with your group.  Begins with a few exhilarating(very easy) riffles that turn into calm downriver stretches. Total time 3.5 hours, approximately 2.5 hours on the water: River conditions and group dynamics (paddling speed) can increase or decrease the length of the tour, so all ending times are approximate.


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San Marcos River Kayak Tour